25 May 2010

Hairdressing progress

After what turned into a monumental clusterfuck with the suspension on the MX5 (finishing up right when my uni course ended, stressed isn't the word) I figured I should write up some interesting details about various things. Having thrown away the idea of a new suspension setup after an 11 month wait, some HSD monotubes went on, to start with not quite set right!

This was awful as there was a problem with something at the back, somewhere. So after suffering for a few weeks, they went back and some Gaz Gold Pros (like what them race cars use) went on. Problem solved, car now handles and rides nicely. Once they're set right all should be dandy - stiffness needs to go up a tad and heights are not set dead even yet.

Done a few other little things; ali tow eyes save a bit of weight and aren't rusty, new brake pads and fluid and a bit of servicing. Slowly getting ready in the hope of a Ring trip some time this year. Need new CWP first though, few chunks out of these ones.