29 September 2010

Trophy Daily Driver

I've got Stu's Elise to pootle about in this week, give the engine a run in before it goes on the dyno for mapping. I'm sick of my Mazda as a daily but this is just ridiculous!

26 September 2010

Curborough Sprint Circuit

I went along to Curborough with my mate Jason on Thursday, so thought I'd stick up a couple of photos he got, and a couple of in-cars hastily shot at the end of the day

16 September 2010

Flocking Hell.... it's not a sticker!

Unbelievably, I've managed to do something to the Mazda that involved a load of effort and some money - no, not top up the oil, but sort myself out with a flocked dash.

Apart from making the steering wheel look very old and tatty, it now makes the inside of the car much tidier, and of course it's just like sitting in a WRC car with less switches (this is a huge lie).

Seriously though, it really is as good at helping you see in the sun as you'd expect it to be, given it's used in so many cars competing in WRC, BTCC, GT and all the rest. Mainly, it's better than cheap, shiny 1989 plastic!