30 July 2010

Elise Trophy 2010 - part 2

So, this is waaaay late, but worth sticking up a short note anyway. About 6 weeks ago was the Classic Team Lotus Festival at Snetterton circuit. There's pictures of all the stupendously fantastic F1 cars all over the net, but I was there because one of the features of the weekend was the Lotus Cup Europe and Elise Trophy races.

Stu's car had some new graphics on it so it stood out a bit more than it used to - just another dark car in the pack - and now it's one of the most recognisable. For the next round it'll have the roof on as well, so will be yet more awesome!

Anyway, damp quali meant the playing field was levelled out a bit (worth pointing out here that it slashed down. Alot. Ridiculous monsoon weather, Horrible weekend!). Stu got P9 out of 45-odd cars, storming effort! Race 1 didn't go so great, traffic and a couple of racecraft lessons meant a 14th place finish. Race 2 on the other hand was pretty good! It started with a reverse Top 10 grid, so good old 56 was in P2. After a sweet launch and leading into the first corner braking zone, he was done for the lead with some twinning round turn 1. After that, a solid drive and a few fights ensued, and despite getting runs on several occasions, 3 guys extra power meant they could walk past. In P5, having a fight with one or two other guys was prematurely ended by a red flag, so 5th it was. Fantastic result!

5 July 2010

Hunting Speed

Sometime this year the car might get to Germany, instead of just have another sticker put on it.